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Guide to ownership

• Search for houses you love.
• Fill out our form and submit your information so that we can get you a credit consultation.
• Work with us on improving your credit and financial situation.
• Decide what is most important to you and make sure the home you choose has those things (bedrooms, bathrooms, neighborhood, schools).
• Use our site to narrow down your searches, there are a lot of homes out there!
Lease Signing
• When you find your home, you need to prepare to sign a lease. Fill out our form and contact one of our experts to get more information on how to do that.
• Generally, lease agreements are anywhere from 12 to 36 months.
Inspection Period • Once you have signed and paid the deposit, we recommend you get an inspection and value assessment to help you protect your investment.
• If the inspection is good, you can move into your home.
• Rental Period
• During the rental period, you pay rent and a rent credit (to later go towards down payment and closing costs) to your landlord/seller.
• While you are paying rent, make sure you are working with us on repairing your credit and building financial stability.
Home Purchase
• As you come closer to the purchase time, get pre-qualified for a loan and see how much you can borrow.
• Create a purchase agreement to be signed by you and the seller.
• After the purchase agreement is signed, you have 30 days to do an inspection, appraisal, and finalize your mortgage documents. If all this is good, you get to close and move into your home!
Fill out our form and get your credit score and consultation today!

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